What Did Men Wear Back in 1920s?


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Men in the 1920s began to wear more relaxed and flashier clothing, including pant legs without a crease, shirts without neck ties, and colorful patterned suits and socks. In office settings, men still wore the more traditional creased suits with neckties and long coats. By the end of the '20s, leather jackets and golf hats were also popular.

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What Did Men Wear Back in 1920s?
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There were two distinct periods within the 1920s for menswear. Early in the decade, suit jackets with high waists and belts became popular, along with narrower lapels and pants worn short so that socks were exposed. There was also a general move from long jackets to a shorter, less formal, jacket style. Sweaters and knickers, short trousers that came just below the knees, were popular sport clothes for men.

In the latter half of the decade, wide trousers known as Oxford bags came into fashion, waists on jackets returned to normal, and lapels widened again. For formal occasions, men wore suits during the day but favored tuxedos for the evening. Tuxedos were largely worn without tails, as these were seen as old-fashioned and snobby. Accessories included a black silk top hat, a bow tie (white or black depending on the suit or tuxedo), a silk handkerchief, white gloves, a white flower boutonnière and patent leather shoes.

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