What Did Martin Luther King Want to Achieve?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to bring an end to racial discrimination and ensure all Americans are treated equally regardless of race or gender. In his day, racial discrimination and inequalities of different kinds were not uncommon and this moved him to become an activist against discriminatory treatment of the various races within the United States.

King was a baptist minister from Atlanta, Ga., who was greatly disturbed by the inequalities that existed in the U.S. in his day. African-Americans were generally discriminated against and would not be allowed to share seats in buses or restaurants with Caucasian Americans. It is was common to witness unfair treatment with regards to how people were served in a restaurant or when boarding a bus when white people would be given first priority.

Having grown in a region where such evils were common, King was compelled to stand up against this injustices and use his influence to make the whole nation realize its folly. Together with other activists, King organized awareness campaigns, peaceful protests, sit-ins and court action as tactics of ending injustice and ushering in a new age of equal rights among all Americans regardless of race or gender.