How Did Mahatma Gandhi Become Famous?


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Mahatma Gandhi became famous for his adherence to nonviolent principles during his protests against the British Empire. His method of civil disobedience would later influence other movements around the world.

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How Did Mahatma Gandhi Become Famous?
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Gandhi was an advocate for the rights of Indians living in India and South Africa, helping to organize resistance movements against British institutions and advocating noncooperation as an nonviolent form of protest. Although he was not the first to adopt the idea of nonviolence, he succeeded in implementing this philosophy on a mass scale.

Ghandi wanted to aid poor farmers and workers who were heavily taxed and discriminated against, and he tried to put an end to the caste system, with the ultimate goal to establish indigenous rule in India. Ghandi also struggled to deal with poverty and women's rights in India. He believed in religious diversity, and he argued that Indians should band together regardless of religion or caste. He was successful in uniting Muslim and Hindu Indians against the British Empire in India and South Africa until his support among Muslims eventually waned.

He led a nonviolent campaign of resistance from 1919 to 1924, which ultimately landed him in jail for two years. In 1946, he helped negotiate a new constitution in India, which gained independence in 1947. He tried to prevent a conflict between Hindus and Muslims in Bengal, but he was subsequently assassinated by a Hindu nationalist.

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