Did Lydia Darragh Have Any Children?


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Lydia Darragh had nine children in all, four of whom died as infants. This Pennsylvania Quaker woman is reputed to have shared secrets she learned from British soldiers meeting in her home to help the cause of the colonies during the American Revolution.

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Though no hard evidence exists to confirm the story, Lydia Darragh's daughter Ann gave the account after her mother's death. British soldiers commandeered Darragh's home to use as a meeting place, but they agreed to allow some of the family to stay there. According to the National Women's History Museum, Lydia overheard plans to attack George Washington's army. Claiming she wanted to go visit her younger children who had been sent to stay with relatives, she left her home and took news of the planned attack to an American officer. General Washington and his troops were prepared for the attack as a result of her information.

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