What Did Leonardo Da Vinci Invent?


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According to About.com, the renowned artist Leonardo DaVinci invented several items including an armoured car, machine gun, giant crossbow, artillery park and a flying machine. The Museum of Science notes that it was very difficult to make a living as an artist during DaVinci’s time. To support himself, DaVinci adapted his drawing skills to more lucrative professions, such as architecture, engineering and weapon design.

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DaVinci worked for the Duke of Milan as a military engineer, where he outlined some of his most sinister ideas for weapons and fortifications. According to the Museum of Science, DaVinci only briefly mentioned that he could also paint. Luckily, DaVinci was extremely gifted as an engineer and illustrator.

In addition to working for the Duke of Milan, DaVinci worked for the son of the Pope, Cesare Borgia, as a military engineer and architect. For Borgia, DaVinci proposed a bridge across the Gulf of Istanbul that would connect the Golden Horn and the Bosporus. Naysayers during DaVinci’s time laughed at the idea. However, modern engineers have confirmed that DaVinci’s bridge idea would have been feasible, and its construction would have been structurally sound. DaVinci also created the mechanical gear and lever, which he used to design a bicycle, helicopter, automobile and several other machines.

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