What Did the Karok Indians Eat?


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The diet of the Karok Indians was that of a hunter-gatherer, consisting mainly of salmon, deer and acorns. Occasionally Korak men hunted wild animals like bear, elk, deer and other small game. Most of the game they caught was roasted and consumed immediately, though venison and salmon could also be dried and stored for future use.

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What Did the Karok Indians Eat?
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The Karok people never went hungry, thanks to the combination of ingenious hunting techniques and industrious root gathering, two skills they cultivated over generations. Before modernity began to seep into their culture, the Karok mainly ate wild fruits and fish that were high in nutritional content and led very active lifestyles due to these hunting and gathering activities. Fishing was their most-important food source; the Karok peoples were extremely effective fishers, and if the catch wasn't immediately consumed, they would smoke it and preserve it for future consumption.

As the effects of globalization began to take hold in their society, the Korak people gradually changed their lifestyle and eating habits, turning to highly processed and refined foods far removed from the hunter-gatherer traditions of their ancestors. As a result, in recent years the Korak peoples have suffered from lifestyle-related diseases that are caused by poor feeding and nutritional habits.

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