What Did Karl Marx Do in the Russian Revolution?


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Although Karl Marx died long before the Russian Revolution actually took place, he is credited with having the radical political views that eventually led to the revolution. Mark was an extremely influential writer in the 1800s. With the help of Friedrich Engels, he published the work “The Communist Manifesto,” which discussed the theory of socialism following the problems found with capitalism.

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Karl Marx spent the majority of his life trying to gain followers for his communist views. He became editor of the newspaper Rheinische Zeitung in 1842, only to be banned for his overly radical approach the following year. Marx fled to Paris and managed to publish a book on Hegelian philosophy with his friend Friedrich Engels entitled “The Holy Father,” but soon after the Prussian government had Marx expelled from France. Marx then proceeded to move to London, where he joined a communist league and published his infamous “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848. After this, Karl Marx moved back to London to avoid expulsion once again. He found a job as a journalist, although he never quite made enough money to support himself with this occupation. However before he died, Marx began writing his most famous work entitled “Capitol” which detailed the problems Marx saw with capitalism and how he believed it would one day implode.

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