Did Julius Caesar Have Any Medical Problems?

did-julius-caesar-medical-problems Credit: Stephen Wilkes/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Scholars believe that Julius Caesar had epilepsy, and he may have suffered from absence seizures throughout his childhood and teenage years. Other experts maintain that he had migraines, while others claim he was plagued with hypoglycemia, a disease which can lead to seizures.

There have been cases where Julius Caesar may have underwent complex partial seizures. One attack occurred when he was listening to Cicero speak, and there was another incident while being crowned by the Senate. He also had episodes in North Africa and Spain, including other attacks during his military campaigns. Scholars believe that Caesar may have had a tapeworm infection in the brain that caused his epileptic seizures, while other experts theorize he may have had temporal lobe epilepsy. His father and son may have also suffered from epilepsy.