What Did Josiah Wedgwood Invent?


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Josiah Wedgwood invented the pyrometer for measuring the extremely high temperatures in a kiln, enabling his factory to efficiently regulate pottery quality during firing. He was also the first English potter to industrialize his business, eventually mass producing his famous Wedgwood china.

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Wedgwood was born into a family of potters. When his brother refused to make him a partner in the family business, he went to work for other potters, ultimately partnering with Thomas Whieldon. His many inventions and innovations created a new, simpler pottery style, and his industrial innovations made his pottery relatively inexpensive to produce. His invention of the pyrometer led to his election as a member of the Royal Society in 1783. Wedgwood is also known as one of the early British abolitionists and as the grandfather of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin.

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