What Did John Deere Invent?


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John Deere invented the steel plow. Until that point, cast iron had been used. The cast iron design allowed soil to adhere to the blade, while the steel blade did not require any cleaning during use.

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John Deere invented his polished steel plow blade, made from a reclaimed saw blade, in 1837. Deere continually revised the design of his plow based on customer feedback. In 1849, Deere produced over 2,000 plows. Deere continued to expand his product offerings. During the mid-1880s, the company offered nine different models of plow in different materials and sizes. Deere's two-bottom plow could be pulled with a team of horses. The company's six-bottom plow could only be pulled using a steam-powered tractor, a rare item at that point in history.

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