What Did Johannes Kepler Invent?

Some of Johannes Kepler's inventions are the refracting telescope, eyeglass lenses, Rudolphine tables, log books and the discovery of a supernova. His works and ideas guided many famous scientists like Isaac Newton to develop their ideas.

Kepler worked with lenses used in eyeglasses to help both far and near-sighted people see accurately. He developed lenses that corrected people's vision and enabled the average person access to affordable glasses. His fascination with the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies led to his invention of a refracting telescope to provide a better tracking of planetary systems. The images from Kepler’s telescope could be projected to a white screen to track their movements.

Kepler invented log books to help him keep a complete record of his observations. He wanted to create a permanent record for his observations to aid other scientists in observing the heavenly bodies. He documented information about the stars in a star catalog called the Rudolphine tables, which he named in honor of Emperor Rudolf. Most of the stars recorded in the Rudolphine tables were very accurate, and it became the first table with atmospheric refractions. These inventions led to his standing as a prominent scientific mind.