Did Jacques Cartier Have a Wife?

The French navigator Jacques Cartier married Mary Catherine des Granches in 1520. The married couple moved to Dieppe, where Jacques Cartier met and sailed with the explorer Giovanni da Verrazanno. This meeting eventually culminated in the exploration of the St. Lawrence River and French claim over Canada that Jacques Cartier is credited with.

Giovanni da Verrazano recommended Jacques Cartier to King Francis I of France, who then sent Cartier on a voyage to find gold and spices as well as a passageway into Asia. The first voyage set out on April 20, 1534 and resulted in the exploration of Newfoundland, the coast of Labrador and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Cartier laid claim to the territory on behalf of France. This successful voyage led to a further two voyages commissioned by the king in order to establish a base there and form a permanent settlement.