What Did the Huron Indians Wear?

One of the primary garments worn by the Huron, or Wyandot, peoples was a sleeveless tunic worn in both warm and cold weather. In colder temperatures, sleeves would be added but not sewn on, as they were attached with straps that ran around the back and shoulders.

For dressing the lower parts of their bodies, Huron men typically wore breechcloths and leggings, the latter being similar to tightly fitting pants. Women wore wraparound skirts, and they sometimes wore poncho-style blouses or dresses fashioned from deerskin. Women traditionally kept their hair long, in a single braid. Men also wore their hair long, but they sometimes shaved the majority of their heads and coiffed their hair in the Mohawk style.

Footwear, as with many other Native American peoples, usually consisted of moccasins that could be adorned with quill work, moosehair rosettes or other embroidery. In winter climes or in mud, both men and women wore overshoes crafted from corn husks to make travel easier. Furthermore, heavy robes were frequently worn during the cold season, with the fur left on the inside or outside of the garment for warmth. Unlike tribes such as the Sioux, the Huron refrained from elaborately feathered headdresses for warriors, often preferring to go capless with a single feather, especially in summer months. Huron men also used body and face paint along with tribal tattoos, whereas Huron women used neither.