How Did Hitler Die?

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, by shooting himself in the head in his bunker underneath the Berlin chancellery. Eva Braun, whom he married two days prior, committed suicide with him by ingesting cyanide capsules.

On January 12, 1945, the Russian Army began the Vistula–Oder Offensive in which they marched steadily eastward towards Berlin, defeating German forces along the way. In response, four days later Hitler moved into his command bunker, located 55 feet below the chancellery in Berlin. The bunker was reinforced by a 16 foot thick concrete roof and contained 18 small rooms. Hitler rarely left the bunker and spent his time managing German defenses and entertaining guests.

In the final days of the war, Hitler's health declined rapidly. Witnesses stated that during his time in the bunker he resembled an old man with hand and leg tremors. In addition, Hitler’s mental health declined. On April 22, Hitler berated the men under his command and accused them of cowardice, treachery, and incompetence.

On April 28th Hitler was warned by his officers that the Russians a day or so from taking the chancellery.

He married Eva Braun and wrote his last will and testament wherein he stated that he had no responsibility in causing the war. He instead blamed the Jews for it. He also named Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor.

On April 30th, Hitler fed cyanide capsules to his pet dog, Blondi, and her pups. Hitler and Braun then committed suicide. The bodies were cremated in the chancellery garden.