Who Did Hernando De Soto Marry?

Hernando de Soto married Inés de Bobadilla in 1537. Also sometimes referred to as Isabel, she was the daughter of Pedro Arias Dávila, a patron of de Soto's with whom he traveled with, to the West Indies, in 1514.

De Soto was a Spanish explorer who helped conquer Central America and Peru. He was also the first European to cross the Mississippi River. In the early 1530s he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as a part of Francisco Pizzario's expedition. During this voyage, he participated in the conquest of Peru. In 1539, he set sail for North America, landing in Tampa Bay. He was named governor of Cuba and Adelantado of Florida. De Soto was born in 1496 in Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain. He died of a fever in 1542 in Ferriday, LA.