What Did Guglielmo Marconi Invent?

Guglielmo Marconi invented the first effective system of radio communication, and developed wireless communication from there. In 1901, he sent wireless signals across the Atlantic Ocean, which disproved the belief that the Earth's curvature would affect the transmission.

Marconi's experiments paved the way for all radio technology. He used the initial work of H.R. Hertz to develop a basic system of wireless telegraphy. After that, he founded the Marconi Telegraph Company in 1899. He continued his experiments to expand the range of his wireless signals until he finally achieved transatlantic service from Canada to Ireland. The feat earned him a shared Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Braun. The crew of the RMS Titanic used Marconi's wireless system to call for help when the ship began to sink after hitting an iceberg in 1912.