Where Did Gregor Mendel Live?

Gregor Mendel lived in parts of the Austrian Empire that are now part of the Czech Republic. Born in Heinzendorf, Austria, which is now known as Hyn?ice, Czech Republic, in 1822, Mendel did much of his groundbreaking botanical work in Brünn, Austria-Hungary, which is now known as Brno, Czech Republic.

After a rural childhood, Johann Mendel entered the University of Olmütz (now Olomouc), where he studied philosophy, according to Biography.com. Though his father wanted him to take over the family farm, Mendel entered the Altbrünn monastery, where he took the name "Gregor." The monastery was in Brünn, the capital of the region of Moravia and a center of intellectual life. With the support of his abbot, he began exploring the hereditary characteristics of peas in order to understand hybridization. He died at the monastery in 1884.