Where Did German Immigrants Settle in America?

Most of the German immigrants who moved to America settled in the upper Midwest. However, there were also concentrations of German speaking people in New York City and Texas. Many moved to America following periods of economic decline at home, and were enticed by the idea of new opportunities.

Although there were no German strongholds during the colonial era, some Germans did move to America during the 1670s and settled in the New York and Pennsylvania areas. The biggest period of German migration was during the 19th century, when millions moved to America to seek a more prosperous way of life. Many settled in areas that were geographically similar to their homeland, hence the influx of German immigrants in the upper Midwestern states. This also meant that they chose to live in rural areas over urban hubs.

Other periods of German settlement include the early 18th century, which saw Germans found small colonies in the southeast. One was called Germanna, near modern-day Culpepper. In addition, both WWI and WWII saw Germans leave Russia for America, as anti-German sentiments were building there. Between 1800 and the early 21st century, over seven million Germans immigrated to America. During peak periods of immigration, German theaters, schools, publishing houses and churches were established.