What Did Gangsters Wear in the 1920s?

Gangsters in the 1920s were known for wearing high-quality, flashy suits, fedoras, ties, scarves, and spectator or wing-tipped dress shoes. Most gangsters also wore expensive accessories, such as jewel-studded belt buckles and rings. Pinstripes were a very popular pattern choice for suits.

Suit jackets were single- or double-breasted, featured pinstripes, had narrow lapels and were fitted to the body. Jackets were buttoned high, and fabric was commonly black and grey chalk stripe wool. Some gangsters wore brown stripes or tweed for casual day meetings. These were worn over basic button-down dress shirts, often with double cuffs to show off expensive cuff links.

Fedoras were typically either black or white with a contrasting band wrapped around the base. Gangsters wore fedoras to distinguish themselves from other men, who more often wore felt Panama hats.

Like contemporary gangsters, mobsters of the 1920s were considered the ultimate consumers of all items luxurious and expensive. They were often seen smoking cigars, carrying gold watch chains and silk handkerchiefs, and typically drove very expensive cars.

Al Capone, one of the most famous 1920s gangsters, was known for wearing a blue suit, accented by a white silk handkerchief, pearl gray spats and a diamond-studded platinum watch chain.