What Did Francisco Pizarro Accomplish?

did-francisco-pizarro-accomplish Credit: Photo by cuellar/Moment/Getty Images

Francisco Pizarro was a conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire by capturing Atahualpa, an emperor of a major Inca city, with a small force of Spanish men in 1532. After conquering the Inca Empire, different groups within the Spanish forced war against one another. Pizarro was killed in the city of Lima in 1541 by the son of one of his formal rivals.

Pizarro began his explorations in 1502 along with an expedition that was led by Nicolas de Ovando. Pizarro made several expeditions to the new world, including two expeditions to South America, between 1524 and 1526. Pizarro and his men located Inca cities, such as Tumbes, during these expeditions, but they were eventually driven out of the cities. During the trips, Pizarro heard rumors of a great ruler in the mountains and realized that there was a great civilization there that might have treasure he could steal. He went back on a third expedition and managed to arrive right after a major Inca Civil War. As a result, the emperor was in the city when they got there and the Spanish were practically unopposed. The emperor Atahualpa did not think that Pizarro and his men were a threat. This proved to be a fatal mistake when Pizarro and his men captured the emperor, and murdered thousands of his soldiers.