Why Did the Founders Name Their Company Apple?


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The name Apple was influenced by a diet followed by Steve Jobs. When he came up with the name, Jobs was following a fruitarian diet, which is when someone only eats foods that are fruits, seeds or nuts. He had just returned from an apple farm when he decided "Apple Computer" would be a good name for the company.

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Jobs felt the name would not intimidate potential customers. He also thought Apple was "fun" and "spirited." The early logo depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree and had the words "Apple Computer Co." on it. Newton is said to have developed the Universal Law of Gravitation when an apple hit him in the head while he was sitting under an apple tree, though the graphic may have been influenced by Steve Jobs' time at the apple farm.

Eventually, Apple replaced its original logo with a rainbow-colored apple. The logo had six different colors, in the following order: apple green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. Apple used this logo for many years, but it was eventually changed in the early 2000s. The updated logo features the same apple shape as the rainbow one, but it is solid black. On a Mac computer, the shortcut key for the Apple logo is Shift+Option+K.

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