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As of October 2014, the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has still not been found, although those responsible for searching for the plane have a much better idea of where it may have crashed thanks to data from Inmarsat, a British company that tracks in-flight planes using satellites. The search for the plane is concentrated in the Indian Ocean, several thousand miles west of Perth, Australia.

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The reason the search is being conducted in this specific area is that this was where data show the plane was located as of its last communication with the satellite at 8:11 a.m., nearly two hours after it was due to land in Beijing. It is not known why the pilots diverted the plane to fly thousands of miles off course, and this is one of the problems that investigators hope to be able to better answer if they ever locate the wreckage.

After taking off from Kuala Lumpur, the plane headed on its normal route northeast towards China, but it failed to check in when it reached Vietnamese airspace. It is at this point that the pilots suddenly changed the course of the flight, instead flying back to the southwest, before all satellite contact was lost with the plane hours later. No one knows what actually happened to the plane, but all signs point to it having crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

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