When Did the First Successful Parachute Jump Take Place?


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The first successful parachute jump was made on Oct. 22, 1797 by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, a Frenchman who jumped from a hot air balloon 3,200 feet above Paris. The first attempt was made by Louis-Sebastien Lenormand, who used two umbrellas to attempt to slow his fall from a tree in 1783.

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Garnerin, being more interested in the military uses of parachutes after he was imprisoned during the French Revolution, designed and tested in a more scientific manner, producing results much closer to the modern parachutes of today.

The first successful parachute jump from an airplane was completed on March 1, 1912, less than nine years after the first successful airplane flight, when Captain Albert Berry of the Missouri National Guard jumped from a biplane at about 1,500 feet.

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