Did Earle Dickson Have Children?


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Earle Dickson, the inventor of the Band-Aid, had two children with his wife, Josephine Francis Knight Dickson. The Dicksons lived in Highland Park, New Jersey, for most of their lives, where Earle Dickson was a cotton buyer for the Johnson & Johnson company.

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According to Johnson & Johnson company legend, Dickson invented a ready-made bandage to help his wife, who frequently injured herself while cooking. He placed small patches of sterile gauze down the center of a long roll of surgical tape, then covered the tape and gauze with a strip of crinoline so that the tape would not stick to itself. His wife could then cut off a piece of bandage whenever she needed one. When Dickson showed his invention to James Johnson, the CEO of the company, Johnson decided to mass produce the bandages under the name Band-Aid adhesive bandages.

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