What Did Cro-Magnons Wear?

Cro-Magnons likely wore woven cloth made from fibers extracted from nettle plants 27,000 years ago, as well as hides and fur. Many goddess figurines discovered from that time period are depicted wearing cloth. Few concrete facts are known about Cro-Magnon clothing, as it is still an emerging field of study.

The common misconception that Cro-Magnon's wandered around the ice age in furs, brandishing crude clubs, is incorrect. Imprints from woven fibers have been found on clay shards from a number of sites in the Czech republic, which, combined with the existence of bone needles, suggest that sewing cloth was a concrete possibility for the Cro-Magnons. This indicates that they probably made clothing out of plant fibers for themselves. Ancient Paleolithic Venus figurines have also been discovered from Kostenki in Russia, depicted with cloth hats, belts, armbands and string skirts. Many of these clothing pieces appear to be mostly decorative and indicators of social status, rather than fully functional, which suggests a high level of sophistication in the construction of clothing. Hides and furs were probably used as clothing to protect their bodies from the harsh elements, but there is evidence that their clothing was more sophisticated than previously believed by anthropologists and the general public.