Where Did Columbus Land in the New World?

On the explorer’s first voyage to the New World in 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew landed at an island called Guanahani by the locals and named San Salvador by Columbus. It was located in the Bahamas, but Guanahani’s modern counterpart is still unknown and disputed.

On his first voyage, Columbus made landfall at four other locations throughout the Bahamas, at Cuba, which he thought was China, and at the island called Haití by natives, renamed to La Española by Columbus and Hispaniola in later texts. Instead of the Chinese, he found native peoples with little to no precious goods. Before returning to Europe, Columbus established La Navidad, a settlement in Haití. In his second, third and fourth voyages, Columbus also explored the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Venezuela, Jamaica and the coast of Central America, from Honduras through Panama.