How Did Cleopatra Change the World?

Cleopatra is a symbol of beauty and female power and was the last pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. She was a Ptolemaic ruler who oversaw Egypt during the Hellenistic period.

Cleopatra was politically intelligent and forceful. She ruled Egypt despite her brother’s claim to the throne and served as a powerful female leader.

Cleopatra ruled after the death of her father but was overthrown by a conspiracy of those who believed her brother should rule. She was exiled into Syria and formed an army on the Egyptian border. With the help of Julius Caesar, she returned to power in Egypt. However, the Roman Empire declared war on Egypt because of Cleopatra’s relationship with Mark Antony. Her army was defeated, and both she and Antony committed suicide.

Today, Cleopatra is the subject of many art pieces. She also appears in films and in literature, portrayed as a symbol of beauty and strength.