What Did the Cheyenne Indians Eat?

Until the Cheyenne Indians acquired horses, they ate fruits and vegetables they farmed on their lands once they got horses, they began following migrating buffalo herds and ate buffalo when necessary. Both men and women participated in buffalo hunts, but usually only the women cooked.

When buffalo hunting became more difficult, the Cheyenne ate fish, deer, fruit and berries. When they came across other North American Indian tribes, they traded for things like corn. These Indians ate anything they could hunt, gather, or farm. Often, the Cheyenne and other tribes could gather things like acorns and grind them into flour.

Once the Cheyenne killed a large animal, they would cut the meat off and make things out of the skins and other parts. They used the skins to make clothes and roofs for their houses. They would use the animal's bones to make tools and weapons like hoes and arrows. When possible, the Cheyenne Indians would use every part of the animal and make sure nothing went to waste.

During the winter months when the weather was cold and food was scarce, this tribe of Indians would grow medicinal plants, cotton and hemp, to trade with other tribes for food.