What Did Charles Darwin Do?


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Charles Darwin was the scientist and naturalist who wrote "The Origin of Species." This book detailed his theory of evolution and laid out that most creatures on the planet Earth came from other earlier versions of those species.

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Darwin first came up with his theory of evolution by traveling all over the globe on the ship HMS Beagle in the 1830s. Most naturalists at that time believed that various species came into being when the world was first created or spontaneously over the course of natural history.

During his travels, Darwin noticed there were some standard similarities between species, with some adaptations depending on the location where they lived. These similarities led Darwin to believe that a number of species had actually evolved from common ancestors.

Charles Darwin also came up with the theory of natural selection, which basically stated that the strongest of one particular species survives over the weakest. In addition, species that were able to adapt naturally to their surroundings would go onto to thrive, while species that could not adapt would end up dying off.

Darwin died in 1882. Over the next 100 years, data produced through DNA testing and other research proved his theories to be accurate.

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