How Did Chandragupta Improve Life During the Mauryan Empire?

Chandragupta improved the lives of his subjects by overthrowing the corrupt Nanda Empire, uniting the continent of India and implementing an efficient national administration. Chandragupta founded the Mauryan Empire in 321 B.C. and ruled until he was succeeded by his son in 298 B.C.

The Nanda family that ruled the Magadha region of India, prior to Chandragupta's rule, was very unpopular. The family became exceedingly wealthy due to its extortion of the lower classes. The influence of Alexander the Great and his officials is also believed to have had a negative impact on the lower classes of Indian society at the time. After Chandragupta defeated the Nanda family, he systematically eliminated the Macedonian and Nandan influences from the government of Magadha by using a sophisticated secret service network. Chandragupta then began a campaign of expansion after he had solidified his rule in Magadha.

After Alexander the Great died, his generals divided up the Macedonian Empire into satrapies. Chandragupta began to conquer these satrapies in an effort to bring all of India under an Indian ruler. Chandragupta, along with his prime minister Chanakya, also began to centralize the Mauryan government, pass social and economic reform policies, and develop a large civil service. These efforts helped to develop a strong Mauryan economy that was supported by agriculture and trade.