How Did the Bosnian Genocide End?


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The Dayton Peace Accords was the U.S.-led negotiation that ended the conflict and created a ceasefire for Bosnia. This peace accord was created after the NATO-led airstrikes in Bosnia.

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The genocide in Bosnia began occurring in the early 1990s when Bosnia was making a transition from a communist country to a more democratic one. There were many groups that did not agree with this transition and used guerrilla-style tactics to show that they were not accepting the new transition. Serbians helped by coming into the country and working to get rid of all of the Muslims in the country. They believed that these people were ethnically unclean and would eliminate them at all costs.

The United Nations created a safe place for Muslims during this time, but it failed miserably because the Serbs who were participating in ethnic cleansing took down the city. The UN did nothing to stop them. After this occurred, NATO stepped in to help take down the Serbs and to eliminate the problem. The introduction of NATO to the situation eventually led to the peace accord, the cease fire and the capturing of the majority of the leaders who were responsible for the genocide that occurred.

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