Did Booker T. Washington Have Any Kids?

Booker T. Washington was married three times and had three children, one with his first wife and two with his second wife. He married his first wife, Fanny Norton Smith, in 1882. She was one of his Maiden school pupils, and their daughter Portia was born in 1883.

Fanny Norton Smith died a year after Portia's birth, and Booker T. Washington married his second wife, Olivia Davidson, in 1885. Together, they had sons Booker T. Washington Jr. and Ernest Davidson Washington. Olivia died in 1889, just four years after they had married. Washington married his third wife, Margaret James Murray, in 1892, but they had no children together. Booker T. Washington died on Nov. 14, 1915, and his wife Margaret died in 1925.