How Did the Blitz Start?

The Blitz of London started when Nazi Germany decided to attempt to win the war by keeping up continuous bombing missions on the city of London. The Blitz began on September 7th of 1940 and continued through May of 1941.

The Blitz consisted of German fighter planes keeping up aerial raids in the daytime and continuing with aerial bombs in the night. The idea was to bomb the city, and thus the country, into submission and surrender. The Germans dropped mass bombs on various cities throughout England to ensure that roads, buildings and modes of transportation were demolished. English cities encountered bombs every night for 10 weeks except for one night during that time. The worst bombing occurred on the very first night of the Blitz in London on September 7th. During that night, 400 people were killed and over 1,000 people were critically injured.

The bombings that occurred during the Blitz marked the first time in history that a country dropped massive bombs on urban populations, causing destruction and death. At the time, the Blitz was the largest and most detrimental bombing in history. During the months that the Blitz occurred, 28,556 London residents were killed, and over one million people were left without homes in London. The largest bombing of the Blitz covered half of a square mile in the city of London.