What Did the Blackfoot Indians Do for Fun?

Blackfoot Indians played games, hunted, fished and did arts and crafts for fun. Storytelling was also important to this tribe, because it was a way to pass down folk tales and legends from generation to generation.

Blackfoot children played many of the same games children in other parts of the country played. Girls played with dolls, and boys had toys and games such as throwing poles through a rolling hoop. Boys enjoyed hunting and fishing with their fathers, a fun activity that helped provide for the family and teach the young boys important skills.

Members of the Blackfoot tribe had arts and crafts that were both fun and functional. They did beadwork and quill embroidery. Many women were skilled weavers. Their crafts were used to decorate clothes, tepees and tools. Women also made jewelry and wore earrings made from seashells or metals. Men wore necklaces crafted from bear claws to show their status.

The Blackfoot tribe, like other Native American tribes, used storytelling as a way to pass time and hand down traditions. They had many fairy tales, legends and traditional stories. The mythology passed down in these stories was very important to the Blackfoot culture, so the stories were as honored as they were fun.