What Did Bill Clinton Do As Commander-In-Chief?

did-bill-clinton-commander-chief Credit: WireImage/WireImage/Getty Images

During Bill Clinton's terms as commander-in-chief, or President of the United States, Bill Clinton had both important accomplishments and defeats; however, the Family and Medical Leave Act he signed into law in 1993, soon after he took office, was one of his biggest accomplishments. This new law required employers to provide time off for illness and pregnancy for employees, according to About.com.

In 1993, Clinton was also successful in the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA eliminates duties and quarantine restrictions on trade between the United States, Canada, Chile and Mexico. It unites over 450 million people who create over $17 trillion in goods and services.

From an economic standpoint, the United States enjoyed a time of prosperity during both of Clinton's terms. The stock market increased rapidly, making the president more popular.

While both Bill and Hillary Clinton worked to implement national health care during his terms in office, they failed to find the necessary support, resulting in a big defeat. However, their work laid the groundwork for a similar plan winning approval under President Obama.

The controversy surrounding Clinton's second term due to a relationship with staffer Monica Lewinsky was also a defeat. Denying this relationship under oath in deposition and later recanting led to his temporarily disbarment and the requirement to pay a fine. The House of Representatives then voted to impeach the president, however the Senate never voted to remove him from the office of president.