How Did Benito Mussolini Become Prime Minister of Italy?

Benito Mussolini became prime minister of Italy because the Italian king at the time, Victor Emmanuel III, was worried about what would happen after the march on Rome for the Fascist movement. Mussolini led the march and was interested in holding power as he felt that he needed to create a Roman Empire in Italy as part of his destiny.

Mussolini was a dictator during his reign as prime minister of Italy and was originally a believer in socialism. However, he saw World War I as an opportunity for Italy to become a major world power. It was during this time that he began following Fascist ideology. He had a strong ego and considered himself gifted as a military leader even though he did not have the background or the victories to prove it. He lost focus and carried out many different military battles during his time in office that were unnecessary.

Mussolini was on Hitler's side during World War II and he intended to overthrow the Italian monarchy as soon as the war ended so that he could run a totalitarian state. Mussolini was not a beloved ruler and he was forced to run from Italy when the Germans surrendered during World War II. Although he tried to escape, he was caught and killed.