Where Did the Battle of the Bulge Take Place?

The Battle of the Bulge took place in the Ardennes region of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This battle occurred between Dec. 14, 1944 and Jan. 25, 1945.

As an attempt to regain the momentum in the war against the Allies, the German military concentrated the forces of three armies and mounted a fierce attack on the Allied lines on the Western Front. Though Germany had attacked through the Ardennes to Antwerp three times previously, the Allies had left only a skeletal force in the area. Because of this, as noted by the History Channel, the German forces' blitzkrieg attack was initially successful, creating a bulge in the Allied lines as the Germans moved westward. However, despite initial successes, the German military lacked fuel, a factor which, when dealing with opposition from American forces under General George S. Patton, deprived the Germans of a victory they needed to turn the tide of war.