What Did the Apache Do for Fun?

MPI/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Although much of the Apache lifestyle was centered around survival, there were a few games and pastimes they took part in. Games called “toe toss stick” and “foot toss ball” were played among both adults and children.

Toe toss stick involved drawing a line in the ground and standing behind the line. Apaches would balance sticks upon their toes and toss the stick as high in the air as they could, aiming as close to the line in the ground as possible. Foot toss ball, which was very similar to toe toss stick, involved a stone that Apaches would balance on their toes. This game was used to see how high or far they could toss the stone; it was popular amongst both adults and children.

The celebrations of the Apache tribe were also a means of entertainment. Although most ceremonies had a spiritual meaning behind them, there was much dancing and celebration involved. According to Education-Portal.com, the Apache had a celebration called the Mountain Spirit Dance or the Crown Dance. This dance involved the masking of tribe members who would then dance, trying to impersonate the mountain spirits. Another dance was the Sunrise Dance, which celebrated a girl’s passage into adulthood.