What Did Anne Frank's Family Do During World War II?

did-anne-frank-s-family-during-world-war-ii Credit: Paul Downey/CC-BY 2.0

Anne Frank's family hid for 2 years during World War II in the building in which her father worked. The family was discovered at that point and sent to concentration camps.

In 1933, the Frank family moved to Amsterdam from Germany because the Nazis were on the verge of gaining control of the country. The Nazi occupation spread to Amsterdam in the 1940s, forcing the family to go into hiding in an attempt to avoid persecution. In anticipation of the Nazis taking over Amsterdam, Anne's father had made arrangements to hide in the rooms above his office building. Several employees agreed to help the family hide. The family's plan to hide was pushed up several weeks because Anne's mother received orders to report to a German work camp.

In 1942, the Van Pels family joined the Franks family in hiding. In 1944, the families were betrayed when an informant told the Nazi police where to find them. After an interrogation, the Nazis sent everyone to concentration camps. The only survivor of the Frank family was Anne's brother, Otto, who later returned to their hiding place once the war was over. He found his sister's infamous diary and pushed to have it published. The diary chronicles Anne's life from June 1942 until August 1944.