Who Did Andrew Jackson Run Against?

did-andrew-jackson-run-against Credit: UniversalImagesGroup/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams twice. The first time he was nominated for president was in 1824, and he lost to Adams. The second time he ran was in 1828, and he won by a landslide.

Andrew Jackson became the seventh president of the United States and served two terms. After his nomination in 1824, he won the popular vote against five other candidates. The electoral vote, however, did not go to a single candidate, and the House of Representatives was charged with choosing between the three front runners. William H. Crawford had to drop out due to poor health, and the House eventually chose Adams. Jackson was nominated a second time in 1828 and unseated Adams, who was running for his second term. Avid supporters of Jackson formed the Democratic Party.