Did Ancient Indus River Valley Cities Have Military Protection?

Bartosz Hadyniak/E+/Getty Images

Research suggests that the people of the Indus Valley civilization were peaceful. No weapons or other forms of protection from invaders or other civilizations were used. According to USHistory.org, no evidence of a military has been found in the remains of these ancient cities.

The excavation of human remains has not shown any signs of war or battle. The civilization did not have emperors, nor did it erect monuments to display its riches or glory. The Indus Valley civilization had organized and sanitary cities, a large merchant class and a fair system of social order that maintained peace.

Although the people of the Indus Valley did not use weapons, they did protect themselves from the elements. According to USHistory.org, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization built their homes on large raised platforms to protect their homes and belongings from seasonal droughts and flooding. Streets throughout the city were also built upon platforms raised in a similar manner. Although evidence supports that the decline of the Indus civilization was due to invasion by the Aryans or Indo-Europeans, evidence supported by “Scientific American” also suggests that the civilization’s decline was largely facilitated by drought. The Indus Valley is present day Pakistan and northwest India.