Who Did the Ancient Greeks Worship and Why?

Ancient Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses, including Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares and Hermes. These gods and goddesses had different personalities and played various roles. Ancient Greeks worshiped their gods in different sanctuaries within the city and in the countryside by participating in festivals and sacrifices.

One of the reasons ancient Greeks worshiped their gods was to ensure they have victory in battles. Athena, who was the daughter of Zeus, was most commonly associated with the role of guarding cities and facilitating war victories. She was also associated with wisdom, arts and crafts. Ares was another god associated with war.

Another reason for worship was to ensure fertility and procreation in the land. Aphrodite was the goddess of sexuality and fertility, which is why people would go to specific temples to worship her.

Ancient Greeks would also go to certain temples to worship Demeter, who was also known as Ceres. This was the goddess of agriculture and grain. She was worshiped to ensure the land yielded sufficient crop to sustain the people.

To ensure good fortune during hunting adventures, the people would worship Artemis. She was the goddess of animals and childbirth. Ancient Greeks would also worship Hermes to ensure they had safe travels and success in trade.