How Did the Ancient Egyptians Worship Their Gods?

The ancient Egyptians worshiped their gods by burning incense, using animal sacrifices and by carrying an image of their god from one place to another in long processions. They believed in different gods and thought their Pharaoh was the gods’ representative on Earth.

The world for the ancient Egyptians revolved around their many gods and the Egyptians believed they had to do whatever necessary to keep those gods happy. Priests built large temples in which to worship but ordinary people had little to do with these ceremonies. Offerings like food or flowers were made during every ceremony to appease the gods and eventually, the offerings of sacrificial animals and mummies were made with the animals being raised strictly for this purpose.

Common people were usually not allowed in the temples and only came in contact with the statues of their gods during religious processions. The statues were carried on the shoulders of the priests and the general public was only allowed to view and worship the statues during these times.

Some gods during this time were thought of as extremely dangerous and the ancient Egyptians felt they needed to protect themselves against their wrath. Gods like Nefertiti were frightening and people wore amulets to protect themselves against his wrath. Seth’s birthday was considered unlucky and Sekhmet was both feared and loved.