How Did the American Revolution Change America?

The American Revolution changed America, because it led to the establishment of an independent nation. In addition, after the American Revolution began, several important documents were drafted, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These documents outlined Constitutional rights and laid the foundation for a democratic government. The US was also able to establish its own laws and regulations after the American Revolution.

After the first American colonies were established, Britain began to impose strict taxes and regulations on colonists. Growing discontent led to the Revolutionary War, which resulted in America gaining independence. Although taxation without representation was a major cause of the American Revolution, many colonists fought for religious freedom and constitutional rights.

The American Revolution produced a new outlook among colonists. Since the nation had won independence, certain groups began to fight for individual independence. For example, after the Revolution, the Abolitionist Movement began, and people organized to protest slavery.

The Revolution also impacted the way the government was established. To avoid the type of control exerted by Britain, a democratic government was created with the intention of limiting the government’s size and powers. The sentiments of the American Revolution are still evident today. Individuals continue to question the extent of governmental control and constitutional rights.