Where Did Albert Einstein Live in America?


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While in America, Einstein lived mostly in Princeton, New Jersey, where he worked for the Institute of Advanced Study. Earlier in his life, Einstein spent a few months in Pasadena, California, but then returned to Europe only to come back to the U.S.

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Where Did Albert Einstein Live in America?
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Germany had launched an anti-Semitic protest against Einstein in 1932, so he tried to flee to America in January 1933 when he traveled to Pasadena, CA. However, the United States also opposed Einstein on the grounds that he was a pacifist. By March of 1933, Einstein decided to return to Europe. He never re-entered Germany, but he visited Belgium and England.

By early October, Einstein had decided to emigrate to the United States to Princeton, New Jersey, where he lived from 1933 to 1955. Albert had a contract to work at the Institute of Advanced Study, a research center that quickly became one of the most reputable in the world. He also gave lectures at the prestigious Princeton University, which was near the Institute. From 1955, Einstein and his family lived in the house at 112 Mercer St. In 1940, the famous scientist was granted U.S. citizenship, although he retained the Swiss citizenship he had previously gained. Einstein died in 1955.

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