How Did the 49ers Get Their Name?

According to the team's website, the San Francisco 49ers football team is named after the people who participated in the California Gold Rush. These people became known as 49ers, since the gold rush occurred from 1849 onwards. The suggestion for the name came from the team's founder, Tony Morabito. The original 49ers logo reflected the team name as it was a picture of a miner firing two pistols.

The San Frisco 49ers team was formed in 1946. Prior to that, Morabito approached the National Football League in 1942 with the possibility of starting a West Coast team, but the idea was quickly rejected. When a new league was formed in 1944, the All-American Football Conference, Morabito began to establish a San Francisco franchise.

Lawrence Shaw was selected to be the team's first head coach. A total of 32 players were chosen for the team's first season, including Frankie Albert, Bruno Banducci and Joe Ventrano. The 49ers won their first game against the Chicago Rockets. Despite the initial success, the 49ers finished their first season with only three wins.

Morabito retained ownership of the team until his death in 1957. His younger brother, Victor, continued the family's ownership of the team, but the team was eventually sold to Edward DeBartolo Jr. in 1977.