What Is the Design of the Wyoming State Flag?


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The Wyoming state flag has a blue field surrounded by an inner white border and an outer red border. In its center is a white bison branded with the state's seal.

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Encircling Wyoming's seal are the words "Great Seal of the State of Wyoming." The inner circle features a woman with a banner behind her containing the state's motto, "Equal Rights." A column stands on either side of her. To the left of one column stands a man representing ranchers, and to the right of the other stands a man representing miners.

A ribbon wrapping the column closest to the rancher bears the words "Livestock" and "Grain," while a ribbon on the other column has the words "Mines" and "Oil." An eagle and shield between the two columns show the state's loyalty to the United States. The years 1869 and 1890 on the seal represent when Wyoming became a territory and when it became a state.

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