What Is the Definition of "Harley"?


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The most common definition of the name "Harley" is "hare meadow; the long field." Other meanings include "eagle meadow" or "rocky meadow." The name is used for both males and females and is of Old English origin.

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Variations of the name Harley include "Harlee," "Harleigh," "Harly," "Harlea," "Arleigh," "Arley" and "Arlea." Names that are pronounced similarly include "Harlo," "Harlow," "Harloe," "Hurley," "Hurlee" and "Hurly." Harley is also a common surname. As of the 2000 U.S. Census, Harley ranked 2,397th out of more than 88,000 surnames and 526th out of 1,220 names for males.

Famous people with the name include actress Harley Jane Kozak, actress Harley Graham and wrestler Harley Race. Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson also shares the name.

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