Why Is Davy Crockett Famous?

davy-crockett-famous Credit: Andrew Rich/Vetta/Getty Images

Davy Crockett is famous for having been a frontiersman, politician, soldier and defender of the Alamo. The stories about his legendary ability as a frontiersman are exaggerated, though he was a skilled woodsman and storyteller.

Davy Crockett's other exploits are true. He really did fight against the Creek Indians as a member of the Tennessee militia and get elected to the Tennessee legislature and the U.S. Congress. In Congress, he was a maverick, bucking his party and Democratic President Andrew Jackson on numerous occasions. Defeated in 1831, he ran again two years later as a Whig, reclaiming his seat against the incumbent. When he lost again in 1835, he is said to have exclaimed “You can all go to Hell and I’m going to Texas.” In Texas, he died at the Alamo in a battle against the Mexican army.