What Are Some Facts About Davy Crockett?

Davy Crockett was born Aug. 17, 1786, in Tennessee, moved with his family westward three times before turning 12 years old, and served as a member of the Tennessee militia. Crockett was a member of Congress and died as a hero at the Alamo.

Davy Crockett fought in the War of 1812 against the British. During his service, he participated in a massacre of Indians who were responsible for the attack on Fort Mims in Alabama.

Running as a Democrat, Crockett was a member of Congress elected in 1827 and 1829. In 1835, he won a congressional seat as a Whig. He did not enjoy many successes as a member of Congress. After losing a bid for re-election, he swore off political life and said he would relocate to Texas.

His time in Texas led him to the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. He died as an American hero during an attack on an outpost by Mexicans. Witnesses reported that Crockett and other fighters died bravely without complaint.

Many tales of Crockett's life that made him a folk hero sprung up after his death in biographies. Stories of his life included his alleged ability to wade across the Mississippi River and jump over the state of Ohio. Other tales include his ability to wrestle wild cats.